So I guess I will start at the beginning. My first memories were of sailing aboard my parents small wooden sailing home in the eastern Caribbean. Soaking up the art my parents were creating and later having it as a part of my curriculum.needless to say nature the ocean and surf have always been an inspiration for me. In my early twenties I spent a couple years as art director of Soulseeker surf shop in St maarten where I designed logos airbrushed surfboards and signs. The need to learn to vectorize graphics was incentive to take some lessons in the use of illustrator. Also it was at that time that I discovered a technique to create 3d images by diluting uv pigments. Over the last five years I have been taking a few months off commissions to do promotional live painting at music festivals. Mostly brush work first but lately large scale spray can work is what tickles my fancy. In 2018 I also did a few collaborations with Cavan Koebel of Raw Sol, the legendary William Giese and Danny Mcklusky. Side projects and affiliations include art direction for lnnl records’ full length animated musical  “”Phantasmagoria””.
Custom font and logo design for bands and solo musicians.

Nothing but love and irie vibes.